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Helo, my name is Habtamu and along with my excellent team here at Lalibela Lodge, we would like to welcome you to the very best in Ethiopian hospitality.

Lalibela Lodge is the culmination of my dream, one which started over 20 years ago when I began my career in Travel and Tourism and which allowed me the opportunity to introduce this amazing country to visitors from all over the world. During my travels, I experienced many different types of accommodation and realised there was scope for me to introduce something very special in my home town of Lalibela. And 6 years ago, Lalibela Lodge was born.

Since we set up all those years ago, I am so happy that we have been able to extend our warm hospitality to many clients, including the ex president of the USA, Mr George Bush who is pictured below with us.

Our continued commitment to excellence in all aspects of our lodging has meant that we have been able toe expand and extend our offering in the past couple of years. And we hope very much to welcome you in the near future. 


Free resident car parking

Free wifi access

24 hour reception and room service

Business services  

Laundry facilities  

Tea & coffee making facilities  

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