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Whilst our hotel provides a great base from which to visit the rock hewn churches and town itself, Lalibela has so much more to offer in terms of trekking tours.

We have extremely close ties with many of the guides and would be only too pleased to arrange any kind of trek for you, from a one hour excursion to a 3 night camping tour in the surrounding countryside. Alongside the breathtaking scenery, you will see any number of monasteries, meet with local people at first hand as well as see some of the most extranordinary endemic bird and animal life.

Just one such excursion will bring you from an elevation 2500m above sea-level (Lalibela) to 4290m (the third highest mountain in Ethiopia, Abune Yosef).

If you don’t fancy walking it, you can always take a mule!


Lalibela is a wondeful place to visit any time of the year.

The temperature from September to November averages 20 – 25 degree celcius (or 77 – 86 farenheight if you prefer) rising to around 26 – 34C (78 – 93F) from December to June.

The rainy season runs from the end of June to the beginning of September, but do not be put off by this. The roads have been upgraded and what was once impassable during these months is now easily accessed, allowing visitors to experience the splendour of the town and mountain in full bloom and much more manageable than the dry months if you are not keen on the heat.

Quite simply, it is stunning.


There is a varied mix of both local and modern cuisine to suit any palette.

In our restaurant at Lalibela Lodge, we serve both western and traditional Ethiopian food all lovingly created by my mother who was been a cook for over 30 years at the Seven Olives Hotel restaurant, recognised universally as being one of the top restaurants in Lalibela.

She will be more than happy to show you her secrets not only how to make the very best injera, but how to eat it as we traditionally do. Could be a bit messy for beginners so be warned!

And of course, no trip to Ethiopia would be complete without partaking in a traditional coffee ceremony or maybe a glass of Tej for the more adventurous!

In fact, whilst on the subject of coffee ceremony, I came across this gem (click here) which I do honestly feel sums up my town and its inhabitants

And if coffee is your thing, you are most definitely in the right place, as you can see by clicking here

Hints and Tips

If you plan on coming on January, we strongly advise you to book flights and accommodation as early as possible as this is the busiest time of the year and places do get booked up.

Please be respectful and bring clothing that cover you completely when visiting Lalibela.

Put on simple shoes like sandals as you have to take them off every time you go into the churches.

Expect lots of hellos and smiles from kids in the village.

Please do not give money or any other kind of gifts to any individual as doing so only encourages begging and has a long term negative effect on tourism both here and in Ethiopia as a whole. If you do want to help, please ask us the best way to go about distributing any such gifts or assistance  to an established local organisation or body  Рwe would be only to happy to provide advice.

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