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The airport of Lalibela is 25KM from the town and takes around 30 minutes to drive.

We are happy to arrange for pick up from the airport to Lalibela Lodge.

Alternatively we work closely with other car rental companies and can arrange for this service if you would like.

Lalibela Lodge is located to the west of the town itself and is a 10 minute walk to get to its centre.

The churches are approximately a 15 minute walk from the Lodge and there are two options, both of which are higly recommended!

The first option would be to walk through the town where you can experience local people going about their business much as they have for hundreds of  years, with still few motorized vehicles, pavements or gas stations.

The second option would be to walk along the main road and take in the spectacular views across the valley to the Lasta mountain range.

And if you would prefer us to organise a car from our reception, no problem. Just ask.

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